About Company

The history of Zher Ana Company begins in December 1992. The main purpose of the Company establishing was the execution of multi-profile works. In 1995, Zher Ana LLP changed the direction of its work, focusing special attention on the provision of consulting services for the design of irrigation and drainage projects, the drinking water supply in settlements, engineering services and construction supervision.

The mission of the Company is the organization of favorable living conditions for the citizens of South Kazakhstan region. Water is a source of life, the health of population and future of the nation. Thus water supply system takes a special place in the activity of Zher Ana Company. The careful and diligent performance of its duties and quality service provision allow the Company to be the industry leader for many years. The Company experience is 24 years, and this is not just a figure, but a direct proof of the Company successful leading position in the market of Kazakhstan. Zher-Ana LLP, according to the State license series 17-GSL No. 001666 for the Republic of Kazakhstan, has the right to provide the following licensed works and services:

  • Survey services for construction.
  • Design services for construction (in non-seismic areas and areas with seismicity of 7 points or more).
  • Expert Services

Zher-Ana is staffed by high-qualified specialists with great experience in design of large irrigation and drainage systems and complex drinking water supply systems in settlements throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The staff of Zher Ana is about 50 people, including 38 high-qualified specialists, who provide consulting services for irrigation and drainage, drinking water supply, etc.

Offices of Zher-Ana LLP are located in Shymkent and Zhetysai. They are equipped with modern electronic equipment and topographic tools to provide the most complex design and topographical services.

Since 1996 until today, Zher Ana successfully cooperates with many foreign partners. Their joint work has brought great benefits to the development of health care and water supply throughout Kazakhstan.