Engineering Services

Engineering services for construction of water supply facilities are a complex of services rendered by the organization, which provides preparation and implementation of construction to achieve the optimum design parameters corresponding to the accepted construction norms and standards.
Zher-Ana provides 2 types of engineering services to the clients at the construction of complex water supply and irrigation facilities in Kazakhstan:

  • Technical supervision
  • Site supervision

Technical supervision of the construction process of the facilities is the main component of the construction process at any level of responsibility. The technical supervision is especially required during construction of water facilities in the first and second level of responsibility. Zher Ana also performs site supervision, aimed at ensuring compliance with the technical, environmental, construction and other rules and indicators set out in the project documentation for the facility under construction.
The engineering services of Zher Ana are provided by the highly professional specialists, who have successfully passed the certification on technical and architectural supervision. Extensive experience and professionalism of the Company employees provide you with a guarantee of quality and competent engineering services.
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