Speech of Director

Zher Ana LLP works in the entrepreneurial market of Kazakhstan for 24 years already. During this time, the Company developed a large number of high quality and effectively functioning to this day irrigation projects and drainage systems for irrigated lands, potable water supply systems for settlements and industrial water supply systems. The vast experience we have gained over the years is a direct proof of proper and careful attention to the Company employees and tasks set. Water is a source of life, the maintenance of water supply system in the best condition with the introduction of new...

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Садвахасов Ауесхан Ахметжанович, директор ТОО «Жер-Ана»

About Company

The history of Zher Ana Company begins in December 1992. The main purpose of the Company establishing was the execution of multi-profile works. In 1995, Zher Ana LLP changed the direction of its work, focusing special attention on the provision of consulting services for the design of irrigation and drainage projects, the drinking water supply in settlements, engineering services and construction supervision. The mission of the Company is the organization of favorable living conditions for the citizens of South Kazakhstan region. Water is a source of life, the health of population...

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Our Projects

Reservoir Reconstruction Sasyk - Bulak in the Turkestan district of South - Kazakhstan region

Reconstruction of chert reservoir in the Turkestan district of South - Kazakhstan region

Upgrade Badam reservoir with waterworks and inspection gallery with the installation of water measuring devices and automation in water accounting Tolebi distric

Reconstruction of water supply systems in rural areas of Zhambyl region Maktaaral